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All the original media files for 'Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts' submission for Ludum Dare 48 are available here for your enjoyment!  Enjoy the 1920s inspired sprites, while jamming to our music tracks and make something wonderful or see the assets in action in our game jam submission Debts and Pandamonium

The contents of the packs are as follows.

  • DnP-backgrounds.zip - Contains 4 still frames
  • DnP-icons.zip - Contains 40 64x64 pixel icons, and 40 512x512 icons
  • DnP-music.zip - Contains ogg files, around 30 seconds long, of original music
  • DnP-npc-sprites.zip - Contains 28 assorted sprite sheets and character/object stills
  • DnP-player-sprites.zip - Contains assorted panda sprites used for the main character, and 3 place holder sprites used in the animations
  • DnP-premium.zip - Contains all the above, plus 
    • 7 animated Coppa gifs,
    • 8 Coppa recolors and 1 more evenly cut coppa sprite sheet,
    • 4 unused head sprite sheets,
    • 17 loading bgs meant to be animated together,
    • 26 headless outfit sprite sheets
    • 4 unused sprite sheets for the main character,
    • 3 unused backgrounds
    • 4 misc files including our loan shark sprite
    • A license so you can use all the art however you like

All the media files used in the game are free with optional donation. Files are provided as is and falls under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial 4.0 license. You are free to use them for non-commercial purposes as long as the provided Attribution is used.

The premium pack contains all the free files as well as a number of assets that didn't make it into the game. While not free, the files purchased under this pack all falls under the Creative Commons 4.0 International license and you are free to do or use them however you like  as long as the provided Attribution is used.

All packs contain an Attribution.txt file with the appropriate attribution and license links.


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DnP-backgrounds.zip 781 kB
DnP-icons.zip 1 MB
DnP-music.zip 843 kB
DnP-npc-sprites.zip 17 MB
DnP-player-sprites.zip 5 MB
DnP-premium.zip 113 MB
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