The Post Jam Update 1

It's the post jam update! 

It was a very rough couple weeks as people struggled with bits of our game. There is a certain feeling of helplessness when you know you have something that could be really good, but it missed the mark, and you could fix it fast, but you can't. It tears at you really. But now, at least those bugs can be put to rest.

The goal of the team was to try to hit the top 25% in as many categories as possible. In the end there were 2721 entries in the Jam. So we were looking for around 680th or above. Here was our final placements:

  • Overall: 1197 (top 43%)
  • Fun: 1316 (top 48%)
  • Innovation: 439 (top 16%)
  • Theme: 1092 (top 40%)
  • Graphics: 928 (top 34%)
  • Audio: 680 (top 25%)
  • Humor: 237 (top 8%)
  • Mood: 818 (top 30%)

I'm still processing all this, but I'm really happy with the team and the product in the end. The weaknesses and issues we ended up with is nothing compared to the lessons we learned along the way, and I can't wait to finish 'Debts and Pandamonium', making it the complete product it deserves to be. 

This update adds ALOT, the biggest complaints from the Jam feedback have nearly all been addressed.

  • An arrow will help guide you to the mission objectives
  • Items now have varied effects and actually do stuff or have passive abilities
  • Text for missions was added, and the game pauses as you digest this information
  • A plethora of small bugs and crashes were fixed related to entering and exiting combat
  • Many animation glitches or lack of animations were fixed
  • Just general prettying up of things
  • Multi-threaded loading (this DOES break the html version for Old Browsers + Safari)

 In the pipeline

  • Leaderboards
  • Day/night cycle
  • Implement the 10 remaining missions
  • Combat tweaks/balance
  • Mobile port

All very exciting things for such a little game, but the Jam never really ends. To quote the Ultimate Rejects 2017 Soca hit 'Full Extreme' "We Jammin Still! We Jammin!"

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May 18, 2021

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